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Baldrige Quality Award Coaching

Let our seasoned professionals at Quality Experts assist you in applying the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria. We have assisted our clients in winning prestigious Baldrige criteria based awards such as state awards, the United States Postal Service Award and have contributed to organizations winning the national award. We also conduct Gap Analysis based on the Baldrige Criteria to assess the status of your organization.

Our consultants have experience as examiners for both the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and Baldrige criteria based state awards nationwide.  Our mission and vision is to remain the pre-eminent advocate of quality management for manufacturing, education and health care organizations in America. This is being accomplished by applying the criteria from the Baldrige Program.

Contact us today to get started towards performance excellence using the Baldrige criteria!


What is the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award?

The U.S. Department of Commerce is responsible for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Program (MBNQP), created in 1987 by the U.S. Congress, which has one main purpose: to help U.S. organizations to improve their competitiveness in the International Marketplace. Congress established the award program to help organizations use an aligned approach to organizational performance management that results in delivery of ever-improving value to customers, contributing to marketplace success, improvement of overall organizational effectiveness and capabilities, and organizational and personal learning.

How does a company apply for or win the award? 

Many organizations begin their journey towards national recognition by applying for a Baldrige based state award. An organization wishing to apply to or win the award prepares an application or self-assessment based on the MBNQP criteria in one of six categories of eligibility. A Board of Examiners evaluates or scores the application and prepares a detailed feedback report. If the score is sufficiently high, a site visit is scheduled for verification of application statements. The President of the United States traditionally presents the national awards at a special ceremony in Washington, DC. The state Governor traditionally presents the state awards. A free copy of the Criteria for Performance Excellence can be attained by calling MBNQP at (301) 975-2036 or on the web http://www.quality.nist.gov/Criteria.htm 

What are the six categories of eligibility?

1. manufacturing businesses

2. service businesses

3. small businesses

4. education organizations

5. health care organizations

6. non-profit

What are the MBNQP criteria?

The criteria are comprised of seven Categories that help to define the organization, its operations, and its results.

Leadership (Category 1), Strategic Planning (Category 2), and Customer and Market Focus (Category 3) represent the leadership structure. These Categories emphasize the importance of a leadership focus on strategy and customers. Senior leaders must set organizational direction and seek future opportunities for the organization.

Your organization's employees and its key processes accomplish the work of the organization that yields your performance results. Human Resource Focus (Category 5), and Process Management (Category 6) comprise the work core processes—the people and processes that produce the Organizational Performance Results (Category 7). These Organizational Performance Results are a mixture of customer, financial, and operational performance results, including human resource results and public responsibility issues.

Measurement, Analysis and Knowledge Management (Category 4) serves as the “brain center” of the effective organization and is critical to the effective management of your organization and its work processes at all levels. This fact-based system for improving performance serves as a foundation for the performance management system.

What are the benefits of applying?

Numerous studies have shown that national Baldrige winners have consistently out-performed even S&P 500 companies, on Operating Income, Sales Growth, Asset Growth, Employee Growth, Return on Sales, Return on Assets and Stock Price Gain. It is clear that implementing a disciplined approach to performance excellence based on the Baldrige Criteria produces winning levels of performance and profitability.

Once an organization’s operations have been described by answering the questions in the Criteria for Performance Excellence it is time to evaluate how well the organization is effectively implementing the principles.   Each applicant gains an outside perspective of its organization based on hours of review by members of a Board of Examiners and the Panel of Judges.

A site visit is conducted where a systematic examination of the activities and performance of the organization is verified and validated. The results of this review are synthesized in a feedback report outlining strengths and opportunities for improvement based on the Criteria.

And even if you don’t win the award, all applicants receive this detailed feedback report based on an independent, external assessment conducted by a panel of specially trained and recognized experts. Feedback reports are often used by organizations as part of their strategic planning process to focus on their customers, strategies, and to improve results. Traditionally the process helps to energize and guide the organizational improvement effort.

Because of the learning inherent in completing the application and in the feedback  you receive from the process, the effort that goes into
the self-assessment and applying for the Award traditionally result in a significant return on your investment. The process will help
you prioritize opportunities for improvement and identify strengths to celebrate and build upon. As a result, the rate at which         
your organization improves should accelerate.  

Want to know how we can assist you in applying and winning a national or state award? Let the experienced professionals at Quality Experts assist you in either beginning your journey or achieving state wide or national recognition for performance excellence.

What’s Next?

Let us put together a quote for your organization to focus you in the right direction towards performance excellence through the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria.

Contact us today and we will help you start the process towards improved productivity, reduced waste and the prestige of your state or national Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award.



If you have any questions or want to begin discussing how Quality Experts can help your organization achieve its quality goals, contact us or call 859-553-3690!

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