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AS 9100 Consulting and Training


Quality Experts, Inc. provides on-site training and coaching support for companies that are pursuing AS 9100 registrations.  Since 1987, our company has been assisting organizations to implement, maintain and certify their Quality Management Systems.

100% of our clients have passed their certification audits on the first attempt. We use an approach that is fast and thorough (in some cases as quick as 60 days) as well as cost-effective. In the end, you will have a quality system that you understand and can easily maintain.

We will assist you with implementing and/or maintaining your AS 9100 quality management system by developing and writing required documentation, conducting Internal Audits, training Internal Auditors, training employees to become and remain competent for the Management Review, Corrective Action and Continuous Improvement activities that are required by the AS 9100 standard.



Our Approach

AS 9000 implementation, when done correctly, does not require you to adopt unfamiliar procedures but can be based on matching your current activities to address the AS requirements. We always begin by documenting your processes as they are. Then we verify and document that all of the AS 9100 requirements are met by your current processes. Usually nothing more than �tweaking� is required to bring your processes up to the AS 9100  level.

Once the system is documented we train your employees to conduct simple and easy maintenance activities that require limited experience of the standard itself and ensure easy and inexpensive operating costs. Our systems are designed so that as they mature, they drive tangible benefits of continual performance improvement from your ISO based system.

Our approach is to very precisely interpret the standard and apply it in a way that makes sense to you while being compliant with the standard. We�ll never ask you to do anything that is not in the standard and will always try to focus you on adding value. We will also try to steer you towards reliable, precise and inexpensive registrars!

We believe that an AS 9100 management system can provide tremendous benefits to an organization, increasing performance and reducing fire-fighting but we recognize that at least part of the objective of your AS 9100  project is usually to get an AS 9100 certificate. Our consultants are RABQSA certified Lead Auditors. That means that they know exactly what the registrar will be looking for in the certification audit.

There are things to do to make it easy to pass an audit and others that will make it difficult. One absolutely critical concern is to build an AS 9100  system that can be demonstrably proven to meet the requirements. Although documented procedures are only mandatory in certain areas of AS 9100, our procedures address all requirements so that they are easily explained and maintained. If you don�t have procedures to describe how you meet all the requirements, then how are you going to ensure you consistently address them? How are you going to train new people and explain to them the required processes and importantly, if an auditor asks how a particular requirement of AS 9100 is addressed then how are you going to remember the correct answer � especially if the people involved in your original ISO project have moved on?

We take your existing processes and activities and document them! This is the approach we use, as described above. You end up with a set of documents that meaningfully describes what you do and easily correlates with the standard.

What is AS 9100?

AS 9100 comprises the ISO 9001:2000 quality system requirements supplemented by additional quality system requirements established by the aerospace industry. 

The development of the supplemental requirements was the result of an international effort by aerospace companies with a common goal of establishing a single quality management system for use within the aerospace industry. AS 9100 is a product of this international effort. The standard was developed by Working Group 11 of ISO TC20 and was supported by the International Aerospace Quality Group. 

Why AS 9100?

The international aerospace industry realized the necessity to supplement the ISO quality system model to satisfy internal, government, and regulatory requirements applicable to the aerospace industry-requirements that ISO, as a generic standard, was never designed to satisfy. 

Is AS 9100 the same as AS 9000?

AS 9000 was released by SAE in May 1997, and it reflected the expectations of the American Aerospace Quality Group for aerospace suppliers. AS 9100 replaced AS 9000 and contains the common expectations of the international aerospace quality community.

Will AS 9100 be recognized worldwide?

Yes, with clarification. The international working group agreed on the text of this standard, but the agreement stipulates that participating countries can release the standard under their own numbering conventions. In Europe the standard will be released as EN 9100 and in the U.S. as AS 9100. As of July 1999, AS 9100 and EN 9100 are the only two standards that have been released. Japan and China have expressed interest in publishing the standard within their own countries. In the future, additional regions or countries may elect to translate the standard into their language and release it under their numbering conventions. In all cases, the resulting national versions of the standard should be identical in content. 

What Next? 

Contact us at 859-859-3690 and we will help you start the process towards improved productivity, reduced waste and the prestige of AS 9100 registration.


If you have any questions or want to begin discussing how Quality Experts can help your organization achieve its quality goals, Contact us at 859-859-3690 !

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